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    2. Beihai Dowin Mineral Co.,Ltd
      is a comprehensive mineral company headquartered in Beihai,China,with branch office in USA,which specializes in Kaolin products including:washed Kaolin,calcine Kaolin,black Kaolin,clay ball etc.
        We possess our own processing factory and warehouse for Kaolin products,which origins from classic mineral field and backs up by stable quality and substantial supply.Our other mineral products comprise calcspar,albite,manganese ore,tungsten ore,iron ore,barite etc.
        For enganging in Kaolin and mineral area as well as foreigh trading and logistics over the years,we accumulate fertile experience and professional knowledge in exporting and importing procedures regarding related trading rule.Holding firmly the management principle of“gain customers with real, favorable-price product,retain customers with high-quality,efficient services”,we offer a whole services from products to logistics,which can meet the customer's demand, save the customer's cost as mush as possible.
        Our Kaolin products are mainly export-oriented and exporting to Southeast Asia,South America,Africa and the Middle East and so on,enjoying high praise among customers.
        Beihai Dowin Mineral Co.,Ltd has always been based on customer-centered thinking,and user requirements as their responsibility to achieve with customers the mutal development,common progress and win-win situation.We are your trustworthy and reliable cooperation partner.
      • Tel:0779-3036926
      • Fax:0779-3039786
      • E-mail:dowinmineral@163.com
      • US office Tel:001-916-2135007
      • Address:Industrial Park, Silver Sea District, Guangdong South
        Road, Beihai, Guangxi, China    
      友情鏈接 一品樓論壇 AHK連發 地方都是范德薩鬼地方發的鬼地方 德薩發給發的發的鬼地方大神
      Products application
      • Ceramic industryCeramic industry
      • Paper making industryPaper making industry
      • Paint industryPaint industry
      • New material for environment protectionNew material for environment protection