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      • Ceramic industry
        Ceramic industry
        When it is applied in ceramic industries, it will express the character to make product more white and compact,improve surface fineness and mechanical strength, and ensure a high rate of finished. It suits to be the blank and slag of common ceramic、architectural ceramic、resistance to corrupt ceramic、industrial arts ceramics、sanitation、high and low voltage ceramics.
      • Paper making industry
        Paper making industry
        The application of kaolin paper making will greatly improve the paper quality which will be reflected by the better performance on spreadability、coating blare、increase the degree of whiteness and opaqueness、smoothness and more suitable for printing.
      • Paint industry
        Paint industry
        Kaolin is representative inert pigment. Its application in paint increases the fluidity of paint、reduce the cost and increase covering power. It is suitable for any painting system as the additive.It will improve the mechanical property on the stability of storage、brushing property of paint、the resistance for moisture extracting and resistance to impact and resistance for pigment floatation and seeing things in blur.
      • New material for environment protection
        New material for environment protection
        1.The 4A molecular sieve composed by kaolin as the material can be the detergent auxiliary to produce washing powder without phosphor instead of sodium tripolyhosphate to reduce the contamination of phosphor. 2.Polyaluminium chloride which based on the material of kaolin is a new type of water purificant which is mainly used to be the purificant for drinkable water and disposal of industrial wasting water. It has the excellence of easy and faster to flocculate、less insolubles、better purify effect、little dosage and lower cost。